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RALLY Consulting - Introduction To Professional Development Programs


Who is it for? - Managers & Leaders

Professional Development Programs for Managers 

The program has been designed for managers in particularly middle managers who have found themselves facing a range of new HR, OH&S or staff behavioural issues that may not have been part of their technical background. Many managers have found themselves promoted because of technical competencies and the learning challenge is often the more taxing one of dealing with staff and the issues and requirements associated with managing people.

The Professional Development Program is specifically developed to equip managers with the skills required to effectively navigate these issues.

The program is aimed at practically equipping middle managers, recognising existing skills and abilities and further enhancing those skills. Occurring in an environment where participants will be able to learn experientially and take away practical information which will be transferable in the workplace. The workshops will equip mangers through practical role playing and discussion of real work/life scenarios.  


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