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Rally Consulting - About Us


Over 15 years ago, RALLY Consulting was initially established under the name Paul Raymond & Associates.  Due to the introduction of more focussed psychological services, a proprietary limited company was established, hence the commencement of RALLY Consulting.

The name Jackson Chambers is in memory of Timothy Jackson and all that he brought to the lives of those fortunate enough to have known him. The motto of the Jackson Coat of Arms,Mors et Persequitur” translates to “Death Pursues the Fleeing Man” and encapsulates the underpinning focus of RALLY Consulting to assist individuals and organisations stand and face their challenges.

There are 3 arms of RALLY Consulting;
(1) Consultancy and Occupational Health
(2) Psychological Services
(3) Training

These interrelated areas cross a broad range of specialties; the professional staff at RALLY Consulting are in a unique position of being able to provide a comprehensive and holistic service that covers all areas.

The practitioners at RALLY Consulting are experienced Consultants, Managers and Therapists and enjoy the unique advantage of having had a diverse range of careers.



Rally Coat Of Arms