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RALLY Consulting - Consulting Services


RALLY Consulting is dedicated to providing companies and organisations with a service that is flexible, professional, available and one which is accountable, impartial and transparent..

Organisational Climate Surveys:

RALLY Consulting has undertaken a number of climate surveys exclusively in the local government sector and has used multiple strategies to extract this information.

Consulting services include:

  • Employee Assistance Program
    A confidential and professional counselling service, aimed at overcoming issues with performance or productivity.

  • Human Resource Management
    RALLY Consulting has provided advice and input on staff selection, training and assessment, reward and recognition programs, leadership and culture and ensured that legislative compliance has been achieved.

  • Industrial Relations Consulting
    RALLY Consulting has worked with employers, employees and their representatives to facilitate equitable, innovative and productive workplace relations. Additionally we have consulted in the development of Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.

  • Key Result Area Development
    The clarification and development of KRA’s specific to the work group.

  • Leadership Development Programs
    RALLY Consulting coordinates and participates in leadership development programmes focusing on the developmental needs of individuals and the means to achieve their development and in turn measures the success of that development.

  • Mediation Services
    RALLY Consulting provides mediation services to State and Local Government and the Private Sector and utilises a process that is clear, reduces the amount of distress in the process and works towards appropriate outcomes.

  • Mentoring Programs
    RALLY Consulting has implemented coaching and mentoring programs with middle and senior management that have been specifically designed to address skill and behavioural challenges, implemented appropriate action plans and then reviewed the success of the programs.

  • Occupational Rehabilitation
    RALLY Consulting is a registered rehabilitation provider with the WorkCover Corporation to provide rehabilitation services within the South Australian jurisdiction.
    Programs are innovative and have produced some of the highest success rates in the state.

  • Preparation of Development Plans
    After an opportunity to review an organisation RALLY Consulting is able to provide clear details of development plans including the strategies that would be used to achieve them.
  • Staff selection
    The clinical psychology component of our company is able to assist in the assessment and interview of shortlisted applicants to ensure that a comprehensive examination has taken place during the selection process.
  • Team Development
    Team clarification and team building exercises that lead to better performance.

  • Workers Compensation Management
    RALLY Consulting provides services to employers to assist in the management of their workers compensation claims in order to achieve appropriate and cost-effective outcomes.

These services have been specifically designed to meet the individual needs of organisations and they have been a combination of both short-term interventions and longer-term collegiate arrangements that provide ongoing advice and service as required. Underpinning these activities has been a thorough understanding of the culture and environment of the organisation in order to enhance the management of people and relationships within the existing context and where necessary focus on the development and change of that culture.

For further information regarding packages and costing please phone RALLY Consulting on (08) 8239 2611 or contact us via email: admin@rallyconsulting.com.au

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